Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lake Anna Cup 2010

Lee and I fished the Lake Anna Cup with 70 other teams this past Sunday. We got off to a very late start due to fog and headed to the "spot". Earlier in the week, we had prefished and were on some very solid fish uplake. Well, in typical Lake Anna fashion, those fish either had vacated the premises or just were'nt hungry. We only had two fish for 5.91 lbs. of which Lee's 5.21 lber (above), took up most of the weight. Finished way down the list. 14+ lbs. took the $2K first place by Darrin Bache and his partner. Well....maybe next year.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Lee at Lake Anna 11-6-10

Well....young grasshopper (Lee) had an excellent day yesterday at Lake Anna. He caught all of the fish while I just netted and had fun watching him. These were 5.1 lbs. and 6.0 lbs and he had a total weight of over 17 lbs with a five fish limit. We were pre-fishing for the upcoming Lake Anna Cup that is next weekend. Hope these guys are still aorund then.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


It wasn't too long ago that I would have shot this 8 pointer and called him a trophy. I am sure he is trophy in someone's eyes and will probably wind up in the back of someone's pickup this season. Either way....I let him walk. BUT.....before I did make that decision ...an experiment.
I saw this deer around 4PM yesterday, put the binoculars on him and decided not to shoot him. He was out about 200 yards. He jumped the fence that borders our hunting property and headed away........sooooooo....I think. Maybe I will rattle and see what happens.
He paralleled the fence and jumped back onto our side and came right towards me.......here is the first video of him at 60 yards.

OK...so he wanders down the trail you see to the right and starts to go out of site. Sooooooo.....I rattle again. This time, he comes back again to see what the racket is all about and comes within 25 yards. After this next video, I tried once more to rattle and see what he would do, but he was too wise to my game by then.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dropshotting LKA with BigC & Tightline

A few months ago the local bass fishing community here in NO VA was overcome by a terrible boating accident on the Potomac River which put a fellow fisherman (Lenny Baird)out of work for quite a while. Luckily, he is doing a lot better and back to work and fishing. To try to offset some of his lost income, VAO members had auctions for various things. I offered a 1/2 day dropshot trip on Lake Anna which Doug and Marla Rosier won.

Well, yesterday....it all came together and I took them out to learn a little more about this boring and sometimes frustrating technique. It is evident that IT DOES WORK, as can be seen by mine and Lee's third place finish in the most recent tournament at Lake Anna.

A frosty, cold morning greeted us at Sturgeon Creek Marina and I went through the basics of the rod, reel, line, hook, weight and bait setup.

Once we got started, it wasn't too long before we had a fish or two in the boat. We fished docks, rocks, dropoffs, points, brushpiles, etc. so they could get the full experience on how to fish each.

We had a fun day and lunch to go with it. Caught about a dozen or so fish up to two pounds. Not a bad day on Anna for learning a new technique with good friends.

VAO Winter Series 10-31-10

Lee and I had no real game plan going into this TX other than to fish our strength's and our normal fall spots on Anna. Neither one of those really held up, as we had to revert back to finesse tactics to get bit. We started in SC and had our 5 fish limit (albeit a small limit), by 8:30AM. All on docks and all on dropshot. Headed up the Anna side and fished spots that had been good to us in previous years all the way to Waddy's. Lost one a tube and one on a jig. Saw a lot boats running with no one staying in one place for very long. With no more fish to show for up there we headed back to where we started in SC. Culled once and in the last 20 minutes made a decision to hit one other dock in SC and go for broke. Lee nailed a 3.42 lb. skinny fish with 10 minutes left, that helped us into 3rd place. Congrats to Wayne / Jeff on the win and John / Ed for second. Looking forward to the coming events.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Lake Anna Cup
September 21, 2010
Greetings from Lake Anna,
On behalf of High Point Marina, Country Chevrolet, Dominion Resources, Green Top Sporting Goods, Anna’s
Marine Center, the Lake Anna Business Partnership, Gander Mountain, Woods & Waters Magazine, Habervision
and Lake Anna Outfitters, I’d like to extend an official invitation to participate in the 2010 Lake Anna Cup to be held
Sunday, November 14 out of Anna Point Marina.
You are receiving this invitation because you were part of an elite group of anglers this season that either finished
in the top tier of a qualifying team circuit (Fisher’s Of Men, Championship Teams, LAPR Bass, Angler’s Choice,
Castaway, Eagles Landing, Sturgeon Creek’s Tuesday Night Tournaments and High Point’s Friday Night Tournaments)
or have been extended an at-large invitation. Anyone who thinks they have the stuff to “Claim The Cup”
have been included.
This event is by invitation only. The payout is a guaranteed $2,000 to the top finishing team, plus $500 worth
of merchandise. The winning team will also claim the title of the best on Lake Anna for 2010 and is awarded the
honor of putting their names on the actual Lake Anna Cup trophy. Each year we will add another name and the
tradition will grow. A participation fee of $60/$70 per team goes toward the cookout (each team member gets a
meal ticket), Lake Anna Cup t-shirts, door prizes and administrative fees. Last year we also paid three additional
places due to a high level of participation.
There will also be four, free annual ramp passes awarded at the Lake Anna Cup. Sturgeon Creek Marina will offer
an annual ramp pass for the largest bass weighed by 9:30 am. HIgh Point Marina will do the same at 11:30 am. .
Please reveiw the enclosed/attached Tournament Entry Form and send your payment ASAP to ensure your starting
position. You CAN register the day of the event (we’ll be there at 5:45 am) with a $5 late fee. Dave Fauntleroy
will once again be our Tournament Director and the rules are the same as his LAPR Bass Series’. Five fish over 12”
will be weighed per team. To review complete rules, go to www.laprbass.com. Tournament hours will be from safe
light (hopefully @6:30-6:45am) to eight hours
To see a recap and results of last year’s event, go to www.woodsandwatersmagazine.com and click on Lake Anna
Cup 2009 Results. I certainly hope you will mark November 14 on your calendar and we see at the lake.
Best Personal Regards,
C.C. McCotter
Woods & Waters Magazine
“Come Claim The Cup!”
‘07 Lake Anna Cup
Claimed By Perrin
And Moates
“Come Claim The Cup!”
Lake Anna, VA
Lake Anna
Business Partnership
Lake Anna, VA. - Tournament bass fishing is a popular pastime for many
of the region’s anglers. In this competitive format, each angler or team of
two anglers tries to catch the heaviest limit of fish to claim a prize -
usually cash money generated by entry fees. At a set end time, the
weights are tallied on a highly accurate scale back at a weigh-in station,
the winner declared, money awarded and the contestants go home. This
is a standard tournament.
On Sunday, November 11, the first annual Lake Anna Cup was held at
Anna Point Marina using a different format that proved to be an instant
Several weeks prior to the event over 100 invitations were mailed and
emailed to the top 20 teams in the region’s most popular tournament
circuits - Championship Teams, Fishers Of Men, the Lake Anna Pro
Series Bass Tournaments, the High Point Marina Friday Night Tournaments
and the Sturgeon Creek Marina Tuesday Night Tournaments.
There were also over 20 at large invitations extended to other notable
fishing teams, guides and sponsors. It was an earned honor to be
invited. And, unlike standard formatted tournaments, the only expense
necessary to compete was a $40 participation fee
For the $40, each team received two Lake Anna Cup t-shirts, a meal
ticket for the post-tourney BBQ and various other sponsors‚ products.
By participating, each team had a chance to “Claim The Cup”, an
actual cup trophy that will carry the name (s) of the winners each year.
The cup stays at Anna Point Marina, but the actual event will rotate
through the lake’s marinas. Each year, another team’s names will be
added to the Cup.
Another unique part of this event is that the participants were not
fishing for their own money. In fact, they were fishing for $2,000 cash and
$500 merchandise from five sponsors that wanted to be part of the Lake
Anna Cup. Pop’s Marine in Toano was the official boat dealer. Anna Point
Marina was the headquarters. Country Chevrolet in Warrenton was the
official truck dealer. The Lake Anna Business Partnership was the fourth
sponsor/supporter. Green Top Sporting Goods in Ashland was the official
tackle supplier. Each sponsor put up $500. Green Top provided $500 in
fishing gear and clothing.
Fifty-four teams were at Anna Point Marina before dawn to launch and
register. After a 1-hour fog delay, bass boats of all brands roared off to
the far corners of Lake Anna to try to claim the cup. Roughly eight later, at the 4 pm weigh-in, Tournament Director Dave Fauntleroy
welcomed the teams to the scales and got to work.
From the looks of the bags of fish brought to Fauntleroy, the perfect 50-
degree, sunny and calm day on Lake Anna had provided some fine
catches for the contenders.
Third place went to Gene Hord and Mac McManus with five fish
weighing 15.31 pounds. Second place went to the father and son team
of Scott and Brian Conners with a solid limit at 17.68 pounds.
In the end there was drama and surprise. First place winners Dean
Perrin and Mitch Moates had come out of semi-retirement from
tournament fishing and brought a five fish sack of bass weighing 18.14
pounds to the scales that surged them into first and drew the admiring
applause of all on hand.
When the scales closed and the results tallied, Perrin and Moates had
claimed the Lake Anna Cup for 2007, the prize

Friday, October 1, 2010

Hunting Buggie

OK Folks. It almost bow hunting season and this will start a mix of both fishing and hunting related stuff. I have been in search of a used UTV or golf cart for hunting purposes for a while and found one finally. I am fixing it up the way I need it for hunting and getting those big boys out of the woods. Here are a few pictures.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fellow fisherman needs help

Last weekend during the BWS tournament on the Potomac River, friend and fellow angler, Lenny Baird was in a pretty bad boating accident. He was not severely injured, but pretty banged up. He will be out of work however, for 6-8 weeks and could use some extra cash to get he and his family through. We at Va-outdoors.com are auctioning off quite a few hunting & fishing trips, outdoor related items, lures,tackle, etc.to help Lenny out. Please go to www.va-outdoors.com to bid on some really cool things, so Lenny can get back to work and fishing with us. Thanks.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Battle of the Border

Lee and I (Team Dirt), fished the Battle of the Border on the Potomac River on Saturday. This tournament pitted the VA boys against the MD boys. VA came out on top with a total of 265 lbs. over MD's 142 lbs. All had a great time A total of $1300 was donated to the VA side's State Park (Leesylvania).


Sunday, August 15, 2010

VAO Forum Supporters Tx

Lee and I fished the VAO Forum Supporters Tournament yesterday and came in 2nd with 13.07 lbs. Lee had a real nice fish at 5.26 lbs. For more info go to http://va-outdoors.com/

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Friday, August 6, 2010

Exciting Events in September

There are two very exciting events to be held in our Virginia waters this September. The first one on September 4th, pits the Virginia bass fishing teams against the Maryland bass fishing teams for the Potomac River Title.

Potomac River Battle of the border Invitational
Sept 4, 2010 @ Leesylvania State Park

• Va Team Captain-Tank Mosley-540.429.0278
• MD team captain-Jason berry-240.682.4480
• Team tournament format
• 5 fish limit-12 inch Length Limit
• Launch is @ First light
• $100 entry/$25 of entry donated to winning side’s state Park/$10 Big fish automatic
• 1st place/2nd place big fish
• Spot paid for every 5 boats
• State Park Winning side is determined by average combined bag weight.
• All boats expected to have all safety items and working live wells
• Cash only
• 100% percent payout less tourney fees and trophy costs
• Can also contact Kris Johnson 804.761.3131 or email-vahotchile@hotmail.com

The second one is an event I have fished ever since it began several years ago. The Wounded Warriors Tournament at Lake Anna on September 25th is an outstaanding way to show your support of our troops.

2010 Fall Bass Classic for the Wounded Warriors
Time: September 25, 2010 from 5am to 4pm
Location: Anna Point Marina Lake Anna, Virgina
City/Town: Mineral
Website or Map: http://ww.annapoint.com
Phone: 775-313-3640
Event Type: wounded, heroes
Organized By: Ken Kirk

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lee's First Snakehead

Lee and I fished the VAO "Dog Days Duel" on the Potomac River yesterday and he caught his first snakehead. This one is not very big (3.18 lbs), but big enough to win the snakehead sidepot.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

St. Judes Tx on the Potomac River

Region 9 and Russ Shetley held their St. Judes Tx yesterday out of LSP and had the biggest turnout they have ever had with 51 boats. What a worthy cause. The representative from St. Jude's stated that 1.2 million dollars is spent daily, to keep up with everything that they do to help the kids and families. Hats off to them. Russ handed them a check for $5100 from this TX alone. Proud to be associated with such a great group of guys that contribute to these events.
Now, for the fishing. Lee and I went back down to Arkindale where we had been on a group of fish last week and the fish were there, but all were
14"-15" fish....no big uns. Fished there until about 10AM, then ran to Chickamuxen and caught the same size. Went back to Arkindale for the incoming tide and same ol, same ol. We caught over 20 fish with 85% of them on the frog. Weighed in 9.79 lbs.
VAO had quite a showing with over 5 teams. Wayne, G, Squire, Mike, Tank, JJ,Jr., Cash, Bfelts, myself and Lee. If I forgot some one, sorry bout that. Congrats to Tank and his partner for a fifth place finish with 14+ lbs. and Squire / Mike for a third place with 16+ lbs. Way to represent guys. First place had over 20 lbs.
BTW....did I say it was HOT yesterday.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Potomac River 7-3-10

Went out on the river with my son, Lee, yesterday and "had a pretty good day". He caught this 5 lb. 13 oz. LM while fishing a frog in the grass.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wounded Warriors Tournament TV

For those that missed it.

Monday, May 24, 2010

VAO Tournament on the Potomac

Lee and I fished the Virginia Outdoors Weekend Series on Sunday and came in fifth place with 12.43 lbs. First day out this year that there wasn't much wind. We hit a lot of our main river spots and just could not get a big fish bite going. Caught about 18-20 fish and culled twice. Lee did miss the big fish for the day with a 4.50lbs. fatty, only to be beatin out by one of our members by .03 lbs. Oh well. A nice day to be out with my son and fellow VAO members.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

More Wounded Warriors...........


Get is up and running with the Second Annual Spring Bass Challenge

Saturday, May 15, 2010 of Armed Forces day was a great day to celebrate the sacrifices of our men and women in uniform. 52 servicemen and women arrived at Leeslyvainia State Park, VA and were paired with professional and local bass angler along with a sponsor for great day on the Potomac. This time there was a twist. They were not looking for that 5 fish limit they were hunting that one big Potomac river Bass. The big fish format allowed them to concentrate on different areas that are known to hold the bigger fish that the Potomac is known for. It also helped keep the mortality rate of the catches for the day to 0. That means that all fish were released and survived to be caught another day. My hats off to the boaters for their fish management.

“The day started early for all but it was worth it. Just to see our Nations Heroes with big smiles on their faces makes this event a blessing.” Angie Kirk said. This year the team of Angie Kirk and Brian Green, A local Tournament Angler and One Stop Boat Shop Pro Staffer, contacted all of the boaters as Marsha Stumpo of Angler Development headed up the administration staff of the PVA- Outdoor Recreation Heritage Fund worked with all of the others to make this event a pleasure for the Heroes.

Ken Kirk, a Local Fishing Guide, Started these events over two years ago with a U.S. Army Chaplin from Ft. Meade. Since then they have gotten bigger and better every time. “We had our Heroes come from all over the place this year.” Kirk, Said. “It was hard just keeping up with the different commands that wanted to be a part of this.” There were Heroes from Ft. Meade. Walter Reed Army Med Center, Portsmouth Naval Station, Ft. Eustis, VA., Ft Belvior, VA , Quantico Marine Corps Base and Ft Bragg, NC.

According to the boaters, most of the Heroes caught fish but all of them have a great time. It is great to see a community come together to support our troops.

As the boats returned after the day on the river smiles lit up the faces of the heroes as they weighed in their fish. Coming in 3rd place was the team of Randy Quesenberry with his Hero Army Spc. John Marlett. Their biggest fish weighed in at 4 lbs. 5 oz. Second place fell to the team of Ret. Marine Mark Light and his Hero Army Spc. John Ray tipping the scales with their Bass of 4 lbs. 6 oz. The Second Annual Spring Bass Challenge was won with a Big Bass Weighing in at 4lbs 11 ozs.,by the team of Ret Marine, Tim Barrons and his Hero Sgt. Steven Rush and Mike Worley. I asked Tim if he had a good time and he said that this was his first event and he and the heroes had a great time on the water. He also stated that he will do these events from now on because he sees what it means to our Nations Heroes. The top 10 in the standings look like this.

1st- Tim Barron, Sgt Steven Rush, Mike Worley 4 lbs 11 ozs.

2nd- Mark Light, Spc. John Ray 4 lbs. 6 ozs.

3rd_ Randy Quesenberry, Spc. John Marlett 4 lbs. 5 ozs.

4th_ Jim Sutton Sgt. Leslie Timms, Ralph Lotterman 4 lbs 1 oz.

5th_ Larry Martin, General Randy West, Little Randy West 4 lbs. 0 ozs.

6th_ Brian Green, Shawn Burke, Eddie O’Neal 3 lbs. 6 ozs.

7th_ Mark McGhee, Sgt Wilmer Apolo, Jim Vance 3 lbs. 5 ozs.

8th_ Kevin Phelphs, Amy Smith 3 lbs 4ozs.

9th_ A.J. Labossier, Sgt. James Howell, Phil Clark 3 lbs. 2 ozs.

10th_ Al Firelli, Sgt Cristal Griffin, Jeff Scott 3 lbs. 0 oz.

There was a mix up on the first place Out of the Money The award went to the team of Larry Cable and GySgt Alan Frederique with 2.13 but we were going by length to break the ties, so the team of Don Zaegel, his Hero, Cauldwell were 1st out of the money with 3 lbs and 18.5 ins. With the new format it takes some time to work out all of the bugs.

All who attended the event had a great time and we are looking forwarded to the Lake Anna Fall Bass Classic on September 25, 2010.

See you on the water.



Sunday, May 16, 2010

Wounded Warriors Spring Bass Challenge

I fished the Wounded Warriors Tx out of LSP yesterday and, as usual, we had a blast. This is a well run Tx by Ken Kirk and his group who this year, linked up with PVA (Paralyzed Veterans of America). If you have not yet fished one of these, I can honestly say, you don't know what you're missing. Such a wonderful cause to get our soldiers out on the water for a day.

Met the group at 6AM as blastoff was 8AM. Chatted with a lot of fellow anglers, sponsors, etc. A film crew and Jim Vance fron NBC4 was there shooting, and Vance actually fished the TX. Great guy. He said it should be aired Tuesday or Wednesday night at 6PM.

I did not draw a wounded warrior this year, but instead hooked up with a fine gentleman and his son. Randy West and Little Randy. General Randy West heads up the local fundraising effort for PVA and works with some great sponsors we had this year.

Fishing was tough yesterday, as the wind was relentless. Being as this was a "big fish" only Tx, I decided early on to throw mainly big fish baits. I guess it worked out OK. Our biggest fish was 4.00 lbs. even and we came in fifth. Jim Sutton (you dog) came in fourth with 4.01 lbs. 4 lb 11 oz. won it.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


I realize that not everyone is a fisherman, but many people do own boats. Do you (as a boatowner) really know the water you cruise on? Probably not as well as you should. I can help you with that problem. I am now offering to show you "Lake Anna". If you need one or more of following, please call me at 540-222-5420 or e-mail me at gotdirt@martinsmaterials.com for more info and rates. Thanks.
***Learn Lake Anna from the water before buying, renting or building a house or purchasing a waterfront lot.
***Learn what hazards, shallows, underwater obstructions and no wake areas exist on the lake, as many of these are not marked or shown on maps.
***Learn lake restrictions, safety gear, required boating courses, etc.
***Learn areas for fishing, swimming, water skiing, beaches, etc.
***Learn the area marinas and boat shops and what they supply and work on.
***We use my 21' Triton Bassboat and can carry up to three people.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Lake Holiday

A fishing friend of mine, Jr. Hillyard, invited me to fish a small 8 boat tournament yesterday at Lake Holiday close to his home in Winchester, Virginia. We caught over 25 fish with 5 of them being smallmouth and the rest largemouth. I caught the biggest smallmouth of my life...a 4.7 lb.....21" citation. We came in third place just ounces from big fish and a check. A great time and plenty of fish. See you on the water.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

4-10-10 VAO TX

Lee and I finally got a chance to get out on the Potomac River to day and fish the VAO TX out of Hope Springs marina. Caught 17 fish total, but only weighed in 4 keepers for 8.21 lbs and 3rd place. Tough day but nice to be out.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Weekend results

This past weekend had mixed results to say the least. After the very nice weather from last weekend in the 70's, we dropped down into the high of low 50's on Saturday and Sunday. This resulted in water temperature's dropping significantly on Lake Anna and the Potomac River. Whatever ground we were gaining , we lost. I think we can make that up though this coming weekend as temp's are supposed to climb into the 80's. Anyway, my friend Jr. Hillyard and I fished the VAO Open on Saturday and he caught 3 keepers and I lost 3 keepers. Came in 1 place out of the $$ as usual. The picture is of Jr. with three for 5.22 lbs. Not a great day, but a good time with friends. Other area results are listed as well.
LAPR - Potomac River -3-28-10

FLW - Lake Norman - 3-27-10

BWS / ABA - Lake Gaston - 3-27-10

Monday, March 22, 2010

This past weekend results

Here are the results from some of the local tournaments we fish on Lake Anna and the Potomac River from this past weekend. While I was unable to fish, there were plenty of boats out in the beautiful mid-70 degree weather taking my place.

LAPR-Potomac River 3-21-10

Championship Teams - Potomac River 3-20-10

FOM - Lake Anna - 3-20-10

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Lake Anna Report

I was on Lake Anna last Tuesday pre-fishing for a VAO tournament that was yesterday (Saturday 3-13-10)...Temps and water was looking real good until the last 2 two days of torrentail rain with flooding conditions. So yesterday, Lee and I put on all the foul weather gear we owned, prepareing for another 3" of rain and wind 25mph with gusts to 40 mph. Well, the weather man threw everyone a curve ball in that particular area of the dtate and none of the above ever happened. Not much rain and hardly any wind. Either way, we couldn't get a decent bite going and wound up with only 2 fish for 4+lbs and 7th place. All in all a great day to be out with son and other friends. The winners did find enough fish chasing bait (pictured above) to come in with over 14 lbs.

Monday, March 1, 2010

A BIG 'ol PIG!!!!

My friend and fellow VAO member, Garry Cramer, was fishing with another member/friend, (Jim Whitman), this past Saturday in the Championship Teams Open at Lake Anna and Garry proceeded to catch a fish of his lifetime. This one weighed 9.11 lbs. and got the team a third place finish with just one fish. Kudos to Garry and also to Jim for putting him on the "right spot". Jim's Yamaha outboard on his Basscat didn't fair as well, as a piston went vertical and a rod went to the lower unit. I know Jim will be up and running in no time though.

Monday, February 22, 2010

VAO Fling before Spring

The va-outdoors.com website had it's second Weekend series of this year yesterday. The "Fling before Spring" event drew 12 boats and I think everyone was more than ready to shake off the winter blues and snow. Lee and I finished in second place with 3 fish at 7.5 lbs. An enjoyable day with my son and friends.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Snow Dropshotting

OK. Everyone knows that we have had a tremendous amount of snow here in Virginia. Can't work, can't hunt, can't fish, so what is a fisherman supposed to do? Make a video of course. Please enjoy this video I made, and I hope it makes you smile a little.


Sunday, February 7, 2010

2010 Blizzard

We just had over 22" of snow here in Warrenton, Virginia. Took us quite a while to dig out just to get to the road which has not been plowed yet. Poor boat has not moved in a month and it will take some doing to get it out. Lee and I have a tournament on February 21st, so I hope we can make it. Calling for 5"+ more snow on Tuesday evening. Wonderful.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

More Chantilly show footage

While at the Chantilly show yesterday, I shot some video of Neil Selby's dog from Shady Grove Kennel. He trains them well.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Chantilly Show

Went to the Nations Outdoor Show in Chantilly last evening. A fair amount of hunting & fishing displays, guides, seminars, knives, tackle, hunting dogs, etc.Pictures are off Chris McCotter and Chris Craft doing a seminar on bass & crappie fishing on Lake Anna.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Richmond Fishing Show

Went to the Richmond Fishing Show last weekend. Met quite a few friends and talked a lot of fishing and related stories. Sat in on Teddy Carr's seminar on Lake Anna. He is a character and if you ever get a chance to hire him as a guide I can guarantee you will have a fun time and catch fish. Chris McCotter and Chris Craft were also there and are both excellent guides on Lake Anna. This coming weekend, (January 22-24) they will all be at the Nation's Outdoor Show in Chantilly. Lots of local guides and seminars there.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Fast forward to the future

I guess if work doesn't pick up soon, this will be me in the future.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Goodbye 2009...Hello 2010

Well. 2009 is over and it was fair to me as far as fishing goes. Up and downs mostly with few banner days. I even placed in the money a few times with Lee and won a nice tournament on Lake Anna with my fellow VAO member Garry. I do believe that 2010 will bring the best out in me and the fishing community as well. With the economy shaping up in 2010 to be about the same as 2009 there will less money spent on high tournament fees. That puts in to play the smaller tournament series such as VAO, HNL and SCM opens. It also means fishing less tournaments period. It all boils down to fishing with less stress, financially and competitively. I look forward to just getting out and fishing with the friends I have made recently, Lee and maybe start the grandkids on bluegill and crappie. (might be a tad early for that). Anyway I hope to see you all the water soon and/or at the fishing shows or flea markets, which are listed below.

Fishing Expo at Timonium, MD..........1-14 thru 1-17

Fishing Expo at Richmond, VA............1-15 thru 1-17

Nations Outdoor Show at Chantilly, VA........1-22 thru 1-24

Falmouth Fishing Flea Market...........1-31

Sterling Fishing Flea Market...............2-13