Saturday, May 8, 2010


I realize that not everyone is a fisherman, but many people do own boats. Do you (as a boatowner) really know the water you cruise on? Probably not as well as you should. I can help you with that problem. I am now offering to show you "Lake Anna". If you need one or more of following, please call me at 540-222-5420 or e-mail me at for more info and rates. Thanks.
***Learn Lake Anna from the water before buying, renting or building a house or purchasing a waterfront lot.
***Learn what hazards, shallows, underwater obstructions and no wake areas exist on the lake, as many of these are not marked or shown on maps.
***Learn lake restrictions, safety gear, required boating courses, etc.
***Learn areas for fishing, swimming, water skiing, beaches, etc.
***Learn the area marinas and boat shops and what they supply and work on.
***We use my 21' Triton Bassboat and can carry up to three people.

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