Monday, March 29, 2010

Weekend results

This past weekend had mixed results to say the least. After the very nice weather from last weekend in the 70's, we dropped down into the high of low 50's on Saturday and Sunday. This resulted in water temperature's dropping significantly on Lake Anna and the Potomac River. Whatever ground we were gaining , we lost. I think we can make that up though this coming weekend as temp's are supposed to climb into the 80's. Anyway, my friend Jr. Hillyard and I fished the VAO Open on Saturday and he caught 3 keepers and I lost 3 keepers. Came in 1 place out of the $$ as usual. The picture is of Jr. with three for 5.22 lbs. Not a great day, but a good time with friends. Other area results are listed as well.
LAPR - Potomac River -3-28-10

FLW - Lake Norman - 3-27-10

BWS / ABA - Lake Gaston - 3-27-10

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