Wednesday, November 3, 2010

VAO Winter Series 10-31-10

Lee and I had no real game plan going into this TX other than to fish our strength's and our normal fall spots on Anna. Neither one of those really held up, as we had to revert back to finesse tactics to get bit. We started in SC and had our 5 fish limit (albeit a small limit), by 8:30AM. All on docks and all on dropshot. Headed up the Anna side and fished spots that had been good to us in previous years all the way to Waddy's. Lost one a tube and one on a jig. Saw a lot boats running with no one staying in one place for very long. With no more fish to show for up there we headed back to where we started in SC. Culled once and in the last 20 minutes made a decision to hit one other dock in SC and go for broke. Lee nailed a 3.42 lb. skinny fish with 10 minutes left, that helped us into 3rd place. Congrats to Wayne / Jeff on the win and John / Ed for second. Looking forward to the coming events.

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