Sunday, May 16, 2010

Wounded Warriors Spring Bass Challenge

I fished the Wounded Warriors Tx out of LSP yesterday and, as usual, we had a blast. This is a well run Tx by Ken Kirk and his group who this year, linked up with PVA (Paralyzed Veterans of America). If you have not yet fished one of these, I can honestly say, you don't know what you're missing. Such a wonderful cause to get our soldiers out on the water for a day.

Met the group at 6AM as blastoff was 8AM. Chatted with a lot of fellow anglers, sponsors, etc. A film crew and Jim Vance fron NBC4 was there shooting, and Vance actually fished the TX. Great guy. He said it should be aired Tuesday or Wednesday night at 6PM.

I did not draw a wounded warrior this year, but instead hooked up with a fine gentleman and his son. Randy West and Little Randy. General Randy West heads up the local fundraising effort for PVA and works with some great sponsors we had this year.

Fishing was tough yesterday, as the wind was relentless. Being as this was a "big fish" only Tx, I decided early on to throw mainly big fish baits. I guess it worked out OK. Our biggest fish was 4.00 lbs. even and we came in fifth. Jim Sutton (you dog) came in fourth with 4.01 lbs. 4 lb 11 oz. won it.

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