Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lake Anna Cup 2010

Lee and I fished the Lake Anna Cup with 70 other teams this past Sunday. We got off to a very late start due to fog and headed to the "spot". Earlier in the week, we had prefished and were on some very solid fish uplake. Well, in typical Lake Anna fashion, those fish either had vacated the premises or just were'nt hungry. We only had two fish for 5.91 lbs. of which Lee's 5.21 lber (above), took up most of the weight. Finished way down the list. 14+ lbs. took the $2K first place by Darrin Bache and his partner. Well....maybe next year.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Lee at Lake Anna 11-6-10

Well....young grasshopper (Lee) had an excellent day yesterday at Lake Anna. He caught all of the fish while I just netted and had fun watching him. These were 5.1 lbs. and 6.0 lbs and he had a total weight of over 17 lbs with a five fish limit. We were pre-fishing for the upcoming Lake Anna Cup that is next weekend. Hope these guys are still aorund then.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


It wasn't too long ago that I would have shot this 8 pointer and called him a trophy. I am sure he is trophy in someone's eyes and will probably wind up in the back of someone's pickup this season. Either way....I let him walk. BUT.....before I did make that decision ...an experiment.
I saw this deer around 4PM yesterday, put the binoculars on him and decided not to shoot him. He was out about 200 yards. He jumped the fence that borders our hunting property and headed away........sooooooo....I think. Maybe I will rattle and see what happens.
He paralleled the fence and jumped back onto our side and came right towards me.......here is the first video of him at 60 yards.

OK...so he wanders down the trail you see to the right and starts to go out of site. Sooooooo.....I rattle again. This time, he comes back again to see what the racket is all about and comes within 25 yards. After this next video, I tried once more to rattle and see what he would do, but he was too wise to my game by then.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dropshotting LKA with BigC & Tightline

A few months ago the local bass fishing community here in NO VA was overcome by a terrible boating accident on the Potomac River which put a fellow fisherman (Lenny Baird)out of work for quite a while. Luckily, he is doing a lot better and back to work and fishing. To try to offset some of his lost income, VAO members had auctions for various things. I offered a 1/2 day dropshot trip on Lake Anna which Doug and Marla Rosier won.

Well, yesterday....it all came together and I took them out to learn a little more about this boring and sometimes frustrating technique. It is evident that IT DOES WORK, as can be seen by mine and Lee's third place finish in the most recent tournament at Lake Anna.

A frosty, cold morning greeted us at Sturgeon Creek Marina and I went through the basics of the rod, reel, line, hook, weight and bait setup.

Once we got started, it wasn't too long before we had a fish or two in the boat. We fished docks, rocks, dropoffs, points, brushpiles, etc. so they could get the full experience on how to fish each.

We had a fun day and lunch to go with it. Caught about a dozen or so fish up to two pounds. Not a bad day on Anna for learning a new technique with good friends.

VAO Winter Series 10-31-10

Lee and I had no real game plan going into this TX other than to fish our strength's and our normal fall spots on Anna. Neither one of those really held up, as we had to revert back to finesse tactics to get bit. We started in SC and had our 5 fish limit (albeit a small limit), by 8:30AM. All on docks and all on dropshot. Headed up the Anna side and fished spots that had been good to us in previous years all the way to Waddy's. Lost one a tube and one on a jig. Saw a lot boats running with no one staying in one place for very long. With no more fish to show for up there we headed back to where we started in SC. Culled once and in the last 20 minutes made a decision to hit one other dock in SC and go for broke. Lee nailed a 3.42 lb. skinny fish with 10 minutes left, that helped us into 3rd place. Congrats to Wayne / Jeff on the win and John / Ed for second. Looking forward to the coming events.