Thursday, November 4, 2010


It wasn't too long ago that I would have shot this 8 pointer and called him a trophy. I am sure he is trophy in someone's eyes and will probably wind up in the back of someone's pickup this season. Either way....I let him walk. BUT.....before I did make that decision experiment.
I saw this deer around 4PM yesterday, put the binoculars on him and decided not to shoot him. He was out about 200 yards. He jumped the fence that borders our hunting property and headed away........sooooooo....I think. Maybe I will rattle and see what happens.
He paralleled the fence and jumped back onto our side and came right towards is the first video of him at 60 yards. he wanders down the trail you see to the right and starts to go out of site. Sooooooo.....I rattle again. This time, he comes back again to see what the racket is all about and comes within 25 yards. After this next video, I tried once more to rattle and see what he would do, but he was too wise to my game by then.

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